Great Equipment And Programming Offers From Direct Tv

When you shop online for digital satellite television services, do the sheer
number of Directv offers overwhelm you? Directv , the top provider of digital
satellite television services, offers quality equipment, services, and
programming at affordable prices. Rated at the top in Customer Satisfaction
by J. D. Power and Associates, they boast a viewing audience of more than
16 million subscribers in the United States and Latin America.

Direct TV offers each first-time subscriber all the basic equipment necessary
with which to view their superb programming – free of charge. In addition,
they professionally install the equipment with the certified technician
answering all questions and giving instruction on the operation of the
equipment. All equipment is then tested with you being the happy recipient
of the best television entertainment technology has to offer. Direct TV also
gifts each customer with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – an enhancement
to the home entertainment system. This device is perfect for families leading
busy lives as one no longer has to plan personal schedules around television
broadcast times. All favorites can be recorded and stored (up to 70 hours of
programming) for viewing at more convenient times. The unique features of
the remote allow creation of libraries of movies, music, sports events, and
more. The Pause feature will stop live programming and resume without
losing a second of action. Create your own instant replays using Pause for
inclusion in your favorite sports event. The remote also has a Parental Control
feature for blocking whatever programming deemed inappropriate for
viewing. The Direct TV basic equipment includes a home-attached compact
dish antenna, a fully integrated receiver (high definition optional), and a
universal remote control. 100 percent digital signals are intercepted from
Direct TV’s orbiting satellites and encoded into either standard or high
definition resolution format for projection onto the television screen. This
technology assures the viewer of perfection in imaging and sound. Pictures
are crystal-clear with accompanying CD quality or Dolby Surround sound. High
definition resolution is state of the art imagery and sound and provides a
theater-like atmosphere.

Programming selections are excellent and numerous. From 155 to more than
255 popular channels are offered in variety packages ranging in numbers of
channels and prices. Total Choice, Total Choice Plus, and Total Choice
Premier packages include local channels as well as movies, sports channels,
pay-per-view events, news and information channel, family and children’s
programming, XM Satellite music channels, and more. Specialty sports
packages (NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, and others) and a diverse
International package are offered as well. The International package includes
channels and languages from different lands and includes sports, news, family
and children’s channels, and movies. Switch to the best home entertainment
system. Click on Directv now to learn more about package lineups and pricing
information. Begin now. Go ahead and place your order. Installation is at your
convenience. Next day installation is available in many areas. Join millions of
satisfied customers today. You will be glad you chose Directv.

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