Direct Tv Equipment Offers

Direct TV offers free basic equipment and professional installation in up to 4
rooms that includes a small satellite dish for intercepting 100 percent digital
signals from any of Direct TV’s high-powered photovoltaic satellites in orbit
around our earth’s equator. Each satellite has multiple transponders that
receive, digitize and encrypt, and retransmit programming signals from
content providers to subscribers on a continuous and immediate basis with
no interference or delay of any kind. Each new subscriber receives a Digital
Video Recorder (DVR) that simply enhances viewing. The DVR allows you to
digitally record (commercial-free) and store favorites (up to 70 hours) for
viewing at more convenient times. Programming is delivered in 100 percent
digital signals and converted into either standard definition or high definition
resolution for viewing on your television screen. High Definition (HD)
receivers are optional. Crystal-clear pictures and excellent sound are shown
and heard every time the television is turned on for viewing. The days of
blurred images and choppy sounds are gone – satellite transmission eliminates
the possibility of any interference. The slim remote features all the controls
needed for perfect recordings and channel selections in addition to a
Parental Control button that allows the owner to decide what programming
is viewed in the privacy of the home. Direct TV gives you the control over
what programming is seen and where, how, and when it is viewed. How
much better can home entertainment get?

Beginning with a package of 155 channels of superb programming (Total
Choice), Direct TV expands its next two packages (Total Choice Plus and
Total Choice Premier) to include 185 and 255 quality channels respectively.
Total Choice is a great introduction to Direct TV programming and includes
local channels and more. Total Choice Plus is superb with more variety
channels including family and children’s networks, sports broadcasts, news
and information channels, XM Satellite music, local channels, pay-per-view
channels, and much more. Total Choice Premier provides the ultimate in
home entertainment. This package includes all channels in the preceding
packages in addition to all premium movie channels. Specialty sports packages
are available and include NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, and more. A
diverse International package offers numerous channels in different
languages and provides an excellent opportunity to see sports, movies, and
other programs broadcast from distant lands.

Direct TV now to see all the Directv programming packages and pricing
information for each. Current special offers are superior to Cable Television or
Dish Network. Once the decision to buy Directv is made, a Direct TV
representative will provide courteous service in processing the order and
scheduling installation at customer convenience. The technician will then
answer all your questions and provide instructions and demonstrate all the
equipment. Act now and begin a new adventure in home entertainment.

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